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About EstrellaCash:

EstrellaCash Powered by Grupo Estrella is a family and Hispanic owned financial company whose mission is to help Hispanic families. At Grupo Estrella we try to look past traditional lending statistics to understand the life experience of first generation Hispanics and how that has impacted personal history and credit statistics. We pride ourselves in working with you to find a way to get you the loan that you need. Everyone has an issue in their past that can affect their future. At Grupo Estrella we treat you like a star and try hard to understand your needs. We place service at the forefront of our company philosophy and we will walk you step by step through the lending process either on the phone or in person. Personal service and community pride are at the core of the Grupo Estrella organization.

Our Mission

At Grupo Estrella we understand that it is difficult to live in another country and not always have the help of the family, that is why we are willing to support you if you need financial help, in an easy way and in your language, in Grupo Estrella we help you achieve your American dream.

Our Values

What drives us daily.


Both our operation and our relationship with customers and partners is transparent and reliable.


We support you throughout the entire process of applying for your loan and we are happy to help you achieve it.


At Estrella Cash, we treat you like a star.


We are congruent with our mission when we make decisions based on the well-being of the company, our employees and our customers.

Our Initiatives


At Estrella Cash we want to have an impact on the Hispanic community in the United States, being a company that has as a priority to help solve the financial problems of this part of society. We are proud to support and encourage this community by giving you tailored loans that make your life easier.

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