E Consent

Please read this information carefully and print a copy and/or retain this information for future reference.


By filling out a form on estrellacash.com, and clicking the “SUBMIT” button, you are submitting a request to be connected with one of our third-party advertisers or creditors, collectively “third parties.” In order to attempt to connect you with a credit provider that may offer you a financial product or service, the provider needs your consent to use and accept electronic signatures, records, and disclosures ("E-Consent") . This form notifies you of your rights when receiving electronic disclosures, notices, information and other forms of communication.

By submitting your information to our website, you acknowledge that you received this E-Consent and that you consent to conduct transactions using electronic signatures, electronic disclosures, electronic records, and electronic contract documents ("Disclosures").


You may request any Disclosures in paper copy by contacting the third party advertiser/creditor directly. If you are connected with a creditor who may attempt to offer you a line of credit, that creditor should provide paper copies at no charge. The third parties will retain all Disclosures as applicable law requires.


This E-Consent applies to all interactions online concerning you, estrellacash.com and/or a third party advertiser/creditor and includes those interactions engaged in on any mobile device, including phones, smart-phones, and tablets. By exercising this E-Consent, estrellacash.com and/or the third party advertiser may process your information and interact with you electronically. The advertiser may also send you notices electronically related to its interactions and transactions. Disclosures may be provided online at our or third party advertisers websites, and may be provided by e-mail.


To access and retain the Disclosures electronically, you will, at a minimum, need to use the following computer software and hardware: A PC or MAC compatible computer or other device capable of accessing the Internet. Access to an e-mail account.An Internet Browser software program that supports at least 256-BIT encryption, such as Google Chrome®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Netscape® or Mozilla Firefox®. To read some documents, you may need a PDF file reader like Adobe® Acrobat Reader X ® or Foxit®. You may need a printer or a long-term storage device, such as your computer's disk drive, to retain a copy of the Disclosures for future reference. You may send any questions regarding the hardware and software requirements directly to the third-party advertisers.


Your E-Consent for our referral service and for our third-party advertisers’ consideration of your online request cannot be withdrawn because it is a one-time transaction. If you are connected with one or more provider or advertiser, you are free to withdraw your E-Consent with those third-parties at any time and at no charge. However, if you withdraw this E-Consent before receiving an offer for the requested credit, you may be prevented from obtaining an offer from the advertiser. Contact the third-party creditor directly if you wish to withdraw this E-Consent. If you decide to withdraw this E-Consent, the legal effectiveness, validity, and enforceability of prior electronic disclosures will not be affected.


You should keep third party advertisers informed of any change in your electronic address or mailing address. You may update such information by logging into the third party advertiser’s website or by sending the creditor a written update by mail. Your credit provider will have specific instructions on how to update your contact information, if necessary. Estrellacash.com cannot update your information for you.


By clicking and submitting your information, you acknowledge that you can access the disclaimers in the designated formats described above and that you reviewed them carefully.


From time to time, estrellacash.com may make changes to this Privacy Policy. If any changes are made to the way that we use your personal information, you will receive an email communication from us, even if you have opted out of marketing communications. You should continue to review this Policy periodically to ensure that you are up-to-date and knowledgeable about any changes that are taking place.

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